Privacy protection and personal data processing

The Seller collects personal data concerning the Customers communicated by them at the Site. The Seller commits not to disclose those data to third parties. Those data are confidential and shall only be used by its internal departments for the processing of Orders, or to enhance and personalize the communication, for instance by informative mail/e-mail, as well as within the context of the personalization of the Site according to the Customers’ recorded preferences.

As a result, the Seller do not sell, commercialize nor sent to third parties the Customers’ related information. In case of assignment or use by third parties of personal data, the Seller commits to inform the Customer in advance, in order to allow him to exercise his opposition right.
The Seller may also provide consolidated statistics, concerning its Customers, sales, exchanges structures and information at the Site, to trustworthy third parties. However, those statistics shall not contain any personal data. The present Article shall not, however, be construed as preventing the assignment or business transfer to third parties.

Pursuant to the European and National legal provisions which are applicable to the General Conditions (2), the Customer may exercise his right of access to the filing system and his right to rectify the personal data concerning him, He may exercise his right of deletion of the personal data concerning him by sending a letter to : : Olivier Strelli – S2j SPRL, 556 av de la couronne, B-1050 Bruxelles (Belgique). Moreover, pursuant to the same provisions, the processing of personal data collected at the Site has been notified to the Commission for the protection of the privacy.

The Site uses “cookies”. Cookies are small text files transferred to the User’s hard-disk. They aim at tracking the Customer’s previous Site usage. Furthermore, cookies are used by the Seller to personalize the service offered to the Customer. The Customer has the possibility to configure his browser to reject cookies. By doing so, he chooses the opportunity to personalize the service offered by the Seller.

Certain web pages of the Site may contain electronic images or “web buoys”, allowing counting the number of the page visitors. Those web buoys may be used with some of the partners of the Seller, for instance to measure and improve the efficiency of certain actions. The information obtained through those buoys simply allows compiling statistics related to the frequenting of certain pages of the Site, in order to better serve Customers.