Spring Fashion is all about colour The Olivier Strelli scarves

Dynamic, colourful and extremely elegant – wrap your neck in scarves that follow the trends! These colourful scarves are guaranteed to make you feel good, because any nostalgic reference to the past is purely accidental and unintentional…

These scarves – in the crazy ‘Strelli mania’ colours from the 80s, 90s and noughties, and must-haves for real fashionistas who suffer the cold – are now no longer merely collectors’ vintage. They’ve made their comeback, more beautiful and Belgian than ever before!

Great news and excitement guaranteed for all fashion editors! These scarves – with their vast colour palette and patterns that are a balance between happy and ethnic – have turned Olivier Strelli into a highly successful brand. They are Strelli’s bread and butter, and marked the start of the current accessories cult. The scarves were first launched some thirty years ago, and have since been embraced by generation upon generation of men and women.

This revival can be summarised using one specific adjective: ‘authentic’! And we owe it all to one man, Olivier Israël – the son of Nissim Israël, founder of Olivier Strelli – who has been Production Manager for more than a decade. With his father’s blessing and the continuous assistance of trusted craftsmen and producers, Olivier took over the company and developed a high-quality collection made in Belgium. It is characterised by shimmering colours, richly coloured patterns and the brand’s typical logos. Happiness guaranteed. And warmth of course!

Shield yourself against the cold and the grey skies with the ‘classic’ woven scarves, which are extremely long (180 cm), made of pure virgin wool – just like those of the mid-80s – and decorated with Baroque patterns, animal and voodoo prints, and Keith Haring-esque designs.

The collection is all about innovation thanks to the use of brand-new weaves. Square scarves in shawl size (130 x 130 cm) owe their softness to modal cotton with light or darker pastel prints which recreate a view of a nearby capital city. Other light and breezy scarves in mousseline wool are entirely (over a length of 2 metres!) covered with patchwork of the iconic Strelli patterns… as well as designs from an old wallpaper collection. The refined silky scarves in wool, silk and cotton are decorated with feline and wild animal patterns, and are characterised by bright colours, tribal tags and oversized prints of leopards or crocodile skin.

Upon their return to school, kids too will wrap up in their Olivier Strelli scarves. The ‘Bonbon’ collection was specifically designed to suit the tastes, delicate skin and size of little munchkins aged 5 to 12. The soft wool, silk and cotton scarves are covered with colourful jungle animals. Every scarf is stored in a nylon bag, picnic style.

‘Classic’ scarves 100% virgin wool: € 149

Wool and silk scarves: € 99

Modal cotton scarves: € 99

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